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Another Day, Another Story
26.6.14 | 3:49 PM | 0 letters
'We kissed'
'When did it happen?' Eventually, I did manage to catch my breath.
'Around two months ago. In my car.'

*few hours later*

'Why did you kiss her?'
'Just because and it was nothing.
It's not like I slept with her.
If you must know, we did it several times. 10 tops, I guess. 
As soon as the feeling, that she became too attach hit me, well.. I walked away.'
You shrugged. I was still in awe.

'But we still in contact.
Anyway, check that chick out.'
'Oh, which girl are you talking about?'
'The one with white shirt. Over there.'
'What about her?'
'She seems okay'
I snorted.

Can't believe you wasted your first kiss just like that. And that should be me feeling your lips so that it might come as a meaningful one.
At least, it wasn't with some random women.

*couple minutes later*

'You know that white-shirt-chick? She's ugly'
'Oh really?'
'Yeah. I give her an 'F'. Just saw her face clearly.'
'Aha! So that means I'm prettier than her.'
A smug glow of self-congratulation appeared.

'Yeah. In fact, she got nothing on you.'
'Just tell me that I'm prettier than her.'
'Yes, you are. But she has the features that I like so that makes her more likely to be my type.'


Guess that you will always be the Robin to my Ted.

credit to Teppy for this so-called-inspiring picture 

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| 3:48 PM | 0 letters
'Really? That's the password to unlock your cell?'
'Yeah. Why?'
You looked dumbfounded by seeing me typing those numbers.

'I use my besties' birthdays and since it's still second quarter of 2014 so...'
Nothing but a big, fat lie
'Oh, right. It's still June'
You smiled. Once again, petrified by the dimples. 

And I gave that omagah-how-silly-you-are look toward the person whom I care the most in this circle.

I've been (best)friend-zoned. Big time.

PS bet you didn't remember that T's birthday is on June. Not that it matters, though. 

PPS I love you and that's the reason why your birthday appears. It constantly reminds me of you whenever I use my cell. 

PPPS That's just my kind of cheesiness. 


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